Monday, 5 June 2017

Day 4 - Walk at Sherborne

OK. so not as exciting as day as the past 3, but hopefully we have passed on just a tiny bit of knowledge to the group we regularly walk with. As this is more of a walking for exercise, than walking for looking at nature group, we don't usually stop to admire much in the way of flora and fauna, but we did pause at the local nature reserve and point out the Speckled Wood butterfly on the picture and ask folk to look out for them. Also pictured on the information board was a Goldfinch, which just happened to be singing its little heart out atop a TV aerial so I pointed that out too. On the walk we saw lots of Speckled Woods and, by the end of the walk, everyone had remembered the name of this ubiquitous butterfly, so I consider this a small but important step for nature!

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