Thursday, 15 June 2017

Day 14 - Cloud Study

I love my morning walk to work. It's just over a mile of pavement walking, but I try to observe and take note of everything I see so I have just about built up a complete map of the whole walk and know what species I can see on that walk. I would like to do the walk later in the day too when the butterflies and insects are buzzing too. At 7 am there's not much in the way of insect life about!

Today as I crossed the Tesco bridge across the dual carriageway I lifted my eyes skyward to behold the most wonderful cloud study. Alas! I only had my phone to capture that moment. How wonderful are these ethereal creations which are ever changing, creating shapes and illusions from water particles. How dull the world would be without clouds and yet we think of a dull day as being one that is cloudy and overcast. Clouds, like many things in life, as Joni Mitchell discovered, can be viewed from both sides and we discover that it's often our perspective that changes. And that's why I love being in nature so much - it gives me a whole new perspective. Thank you 30 Days Wild for giving me the opportunity to stop and reflect about such beautiful things!

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