Saturday, 10 June 2017

Day 10 - Bincombe Beeches Fair, Crewkerne - EuCAN and Butterfly Conservation Stall

Further to my last post in which I bemoan the lack of summer thus far in 2017, I will reiterate my complaint to whomsoever it might concern! We had agreed to help at the Bincombe Beeches Fair today at the nature reserve I am ashamed to say we had not yet visited.

Bincombe Beeches is a delightful little site and a haven from the hustle and bustle which defines and gridlocks this old market town most days. It is managed by Crewkerne Town Council and today we were honoured to meet the Mayor of Crewkerne and the Town Crier and managed to hold several conversations whilst also holding the gazebo down which was trying to make itself into a parachute and blow away!

Kids were colouring butterflies and coming up with names for them whilst we talked about the valuable work of the EuCAN volunteers who work tirelessly throughout the year in Somerset and Dorset for organisations and charities such as National Trust, Wildlife Trusts and Butterfly Conservation helping to manage sites and keep them wildlife-friendly.

It was a challenge keeping the gazebo down and avoiding hitting anyone on the head with our big display boards whilst trying to enthuse about butterflies and conservation work, but I think we managed it and had a great day. I just want the rain to go away so we can go bat detecting again!

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